Guests checking in? Check it out.

Reception will always catch the name. Even when they don’t.

Just type that one syllable you heard in the front desk search engine, and voilà, there’s the name spelled out right in front of you on the dashboard, together with all the additional information you might need about your guest. Intellotel makes all relevant systems available for those who need it. Want to make a reservation at the hotel restaurant? No problem. The available tables are right there on the dashboard to.

Different job, different need.

Intellotel’s role-based interfaces are designed to meet the needs of every single one of your staff. The interfaces are moulded around each role’s unique characteristics, providing game-changing functionality to help deal with any one task more effectively, starting with the most pressing of them. Of course, there is some functionality that should be available for everyone in your staff. Like being able to sell stuff to your guests. The internal shop function is available in the top right corner of all interfaces. Offering your guests a bottle of water or a Snickers bar is only one click away.

Intellotel provides unique interfaces and functionality for:

• Reservations
• Reception
• Housekeeping
• Restaurant
• Bar
• Maintenance
• Revenue Manager
• Sales Manager
• Hotel Manager

Stay sharp and adapt.

Intellotel works. Across all platforms, devices, and cloud services. In a time where new disruptive technology emerges on a year-by-year basis, your management system needs to be able to adapt. Therefore we have designed our system to work for you – no matter what the technology industry throw at us. Intellotel is flexible enough to help you take advantage of the full functionality of everything that is, and that is yet to come.

We will never tell you what you need.

We believe that no solution fits all. Needs vary. As do requirements. Intellotel is scaled to fit the global group and the small boutique. A long list of services and partners are fully integrated into the system, saving time and maximizing your existing business relationships, as well as helping you develop new ones.

Some of our integration partners:


• Fortnox

• Verifone
• Amadeus
• Sabre

Keep fresh and updated.

With Intellotel you will never again need to refresh your system to get updated information. In the management interface you will see everything that is happening in your hotel as it happens. It is the end of double bookings. The reception will always have a real-time view over availability and rates, as well as the status on rooms and guests. It will even give you a prioritized to-do-list showing ETA of guests, including information such as special requirements and the size of the party. Intellotel will keep you informed, ready and prepared.

We keep things simple.

Overcomplicated flagging systems and colour schemes can easily turn into one colourful mess. Intellotel uses three different colours throughout the system. Red tells you that an action is required. Yellow provides you with in-house information (like a timer telling reception when a specific room is ready). Lastly neural, telling you that all is fine and your day is moving along nicely.

Change to a smarter hotel management system.

No IT-courses needed. Intellotel is designed to work intuitively. Dive right in, and we will make it work. Give us a call and we will show you how.